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How to Use the Calculator

If you're looking for an online calculator and are very curious about what lies behind your name, you've come to the right place. Here you can find the best numerology simulator that will allow you to know what number you are and the characteristics associated with it.

To use it, you just need to enter your full name, that is, your first name and both surnames, if you have them, and the numerology calculator will automatically give you the result without much effort.

Find out now what number you are and what future awaits you because of it!

If, on the other hand, you want to learn how to calculate numerology without the help of a calculator, we will also tell you everything you need to know and how to interpret the results. Grab a paper and a pencil and get ready to learn what they never told you about the hidden science of numbers.

How to Calculate the Numerology of Your Name?

Numerology holds that the numerical value corresponding to your name is capable of influencing some aspects of your personal and professional development.

Calculating such numbers based on the principles of numerology can help you get to know yourself better, become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, as well as the talents you can exploit.

On the other hand, if you also use these calculations for your relatives and friends, you will acquire tools that will help you understand them better.

First Step: Assign Numbers to the Letters that Make Up Your First Name

1. Write the alphabet from A to Z on a paper in a horizontal line. Next to each of the 26 letters, write the number that would correspond to it, understanding that we are going to follow an alphabetical order and that A is one, that is, the first, B is two, and so on.

2. Hold on! It's not what it seems, this first step is to verify that you have written the 26 letters and have not omitted any, the number we are going to assign to each of them is different, keep reading, and I'll explain how.

Now we are going to assign a number from one to nine to each letter of the alphabet. With a paper, write the numbers from one to nine in ascending order, then write the letter A next to the number one, B next to the number two, C next to the number 3, and so on.

After you have written the letter I next to the number 9, start again from the beginning, that is, the next letter, J, write it again in the row of the number one, to the right of the letter A.

Follow this order, according to which K will go with the number two, the letter L with the number three, etc., until you finish the alphabet.

If you found the process a bit cumbersome, don't worry because here we leave you this table so you can guide yourself without doing all the dirty work:




































3. Now write your full name, with one or two surnames depending on your country.

If the official version of your name includes prefixes, suffixes, diminutives, etc. Include them exactly to get a correct calculation.

If you have legally changed your name, use your new name, since it is this one that currently identifies you.

You can also use your nickname if you wish, but the result obtained may not be entirely accurate.

4. Find the correspondence between the letters that make up your name and the numbers we have previously assigned in the alphabet.

Now that you know the numerical value of each letter, you can write it under each of the ones that make up your name. If it has 12 letters, write their corresponding 12 numbers.

If, for example, your name is Luis García, your numbers would be as follows:





















Second Step: Add the Numbers

We have explained this step to obtain the personality number, further down we explain the variations to obtain the soul number and the destiny number.

1. Add up all the numbers that have been attributed to the consonant letters that make up your name.

Use the calculator or simply paper and pencil, adding each individual figure obtained, as long as it corresponds to a consonant letter.

The result will normally be a number made up of two digits, rarely this number will have three digits, this can only happen if your name is very long.

  • In the previous example, Luis García, would give us: 23.

2. Reduce the two-digit number to one of a single digit, remember that numerology only contemplates results from one to nine.

After adding up all the numbers that correspond to the letters that form your full name, you will have obtained a two-digit result. To reduce it, add the two digits that compose it.

  • In our example: 2 + 3 = 5.

In case it gives a number greater than 9, add both again until you get only one; in case you get 14, the personality number will be 5.

For example, if the calculated sum is 25, separate the two from the five and then add them: 2 + 5 results in seven.

This means that the number of your personality is seven.

3. Some numbers you don't have to add, they are called master numbers.

If the result of adding the digits that correspond to the letters of your name is a number whose digits are all the same, it means you have a master number.

Some examples of this result are for example 11, 22, or 33. They have the power to attribute you certain complexity and depth. All these numbers are attributed peculiar characteristics.

Variant: Soul Number and Destiny Number

This system can not only help you better understand your personality but can also be valued to better understand a person's interior, including desires and motivations (soul number) and to get an idea of the destiny that the soul signed to mark our path in earthly life (destiny number).

To obtain these two numerological variants, you must follow the steps above applying slight variations in the second step.

  • For the soul number: add only the digits related to the vowel letters.
  • For the destiny number: add the digits related to all the letters, that is, add all the digits.

How to Evaluate the Result

Once you have discovered what number is linked to your name, you can follow a detailed analysis of the results by looking at a numerological table.

This is all you need to know about the hidden science of numbers based on names, but as you well know, it is not the only type of numerology, there is also tantric, among others, which is another branch of the same based on the analysis of your birth date.

We have prepared for you a summary of the most important characteristics of each number from 1 to 9, plus the master number, which you will find below. Compare your results with those of your family and friends and enjoy numerology in all its splendor.

However, before continuing, you should bear in mind that numerology is an unproven, and unprovable pseudoscience, so we recommend you take the data we just gave you with caution. Remember it is referential.

Take it as guidance without empirical basis, think that, although it often hits the mark, it is almost impossible to develop a method with such a general character capable of yielding results that fit all kinds of people.

MASTER NUMBERS: 11, 22, 33

As we have mentioned before, these numbers do not reduce, as they are characterized by having certain properties and specific meanings that require them to be different from the rest of the numbers.

To be able to obtain such meaning, you must combine the meanings of the individual number and its reduction. In this way, we would have:

- The 11 combines the power of 1 (independent) and of 2 (sensitive). - The 22 combines the power of 2 (sensitive) and of 4 (builder). - The 33 combines the power of 3 (extroverted) and of 6 (harmonious).


You are the type of person whose number one characteristic is being dynamic and not depending on anyone, you have good abilities to take advantage of the small details life gives you, always with determination and will.

You will achieve success in the medium/long term, holding positions of great responsibility. You are very rational and, although you are generally introverted, you can end up becoming a reference for others, you will be someone people turn to for advice and courage.

Thanks to your independent spirit, you will always have in mind brave initiatives that will allow you to outline many projects full of passion and excitement, which will end up fascinating your circle of trust.

  • In harmony: You tend to be receptive, collaborative, diplomatic, sociable, tenacious, and reserved.
  • Without harmony: You will show behavior with a tendency towards depression, falsehood, indecision, and selfishness.


You are intuitive, warm, and gentle; you adore peace and harmony, you have always felt very connected to your family and the people you love, including your partner and your circle of friends.

You must be careful not to let others manipulate you and to accept everything without protest. You are very receptive, but not too apprehensive: balance is the midpoint between both, and through this, you can show others your most likable and kind side.

Based on your emotional nature, you never act impulsively or with bad intentions. One of your best qualities is almost always the result of meditation: applied diplomacy, that advice you know how to give others better than anyone; even if you are not the wisest person, you will always act with justice and magnanimity.

Tasks related to collaboration are what make you feel most comfortable, acting on your own triggers certain protective barriers based on fear that almost always end up preventing you from doing so.

  • In harmony: Independent, friendly, pioneer, original, decisive, self-sufficient, bold, and combative.
  • Out of harmony: Selfish, aggressive, harsh, solitary, stubborn, intolerant, possessive, and lazy.


If your soul number is 3, you possess great qualities: a strong artistic sense and creativity, but to make the most of it you will need to improve and believe more in yourself.

Your nature makes you a cheerful, optimistic person who loves good company; you feel the need for constant human contact and a job that can allow you to satisfy all this positivity you carry within.

You have the gift of gab, you know how to handle rhetoric and enjoy doing so, you are capable of motivating others to be better every day.

  • In harmony: You are fun, imaginative, optimistic, popular, extroverted, and interesting
  • Out of harmony: Superficial, vain, extravagant, presumptuous, and sometimes very exaggerated.


Four is the number of the earth and of practical endeavors, therefore you are endowed with a strong will that you should use constructively; moreover, you possess a deep sense of justice.

You are very responsible and patient, serious and methodical in the development of your activities; you never act stubbornly because your strong tenacity allows you to overcome the restrictions you may encounter on your path.

Always remember to add a pinch of creativity to your determination, if you do, you will have found the formula for success.

  • In harmony: Practical, methodical, hardworking, sincere, constructive, patient, and persevering.
  • Out of harmony: Stubborn, rigid, miserly, boring, ordinary, and envious.


You love to change constantly, novelty stimulates you because you have a need within you to feel free, to think and act tirelessly.

You are restless by nature and hate monotony; you enjoy adventure and love sharing your stories.

However, if you do not take the appropriate precautions, due to your changing nature, you can end up becoming a person who is obfuscated, with childish touches and a level of irresponsibility that can be irritating to others.

Lastly, another of your strengths is your quick decision-making which grants you a better perception of reality and helps you become a person admired by others.

  • In harmony: Versatile, adventurous, curious, sociable, sensual, and intuitive.
  • Out of harmony: Impulsive, unstable, irresponsible, and disorganized.


You are an idealistic romantic, the number 6 brings with it a strong desire for inner harmony.

You are also very home-loving, which makes you a kind and friendly person, but also practical and responsible; on the other hand, you are also known for your diplomatic side that not everyone appreciates in you.

You are not at all aggressive in dealing with others, in fact, it's something you deeply hate, and the same goes for jealousy, you don't like to feel it or suffer from it.

You always try to adopt a stance that is not at all conservative regarding ideas and tastes.

Continuous improvement and proper relationships will be the fuel you need to develop as a person in full bloom.

  • In harmony: Conscientious, gentle, attentive, self-confident, protective, harmonious, and idealistic.
  • Out of harmony: Arrogant, jealous, anxious, and petty.


You are an excellent researcher, introverted, mystical, and passionate about philosophy.

You speak little and are a great observer, characterized by individualism, and you can be a bit solitary; you do not like disorder and have a certain need to isolate yourself and delve into your inner self.

You live attentive to not fleeing too often from reality and choose to face problems because they will chase you either way.

The sense of sacrifice is innate to your personality and is often accompanied by great creativity. Let yourself be guided by your inner instinct.

  • In harmony: Perfectionist, introspective, dignified, detailed, and meticulous.
  • Out of harmony: Hesitant, nervous, delusional, sarcastic, lazy, closed off, and with a certain tendency to isolate yourself.


The number 8 is closely linked to organization. You know how to value others, you are realistic and ambitious, and you usually achieve your goals through the fruit of hard work and perseverance.

You will need to give a proper end to your practical sense, trying to be balanced and fair in every decision or action. You must pay special attention not to end up becoming an authoritarian person, learn to express your feelings.

You have a good eye for business, but you have a certain need for security that holds you back from behaving like an investor would.

The eight is the number that connects your soul with your heart, and therefore, allows you to immediately make contact with the mood of others.

You are also a balanced person in most aspects of life, you do not like risk, unless it is a business matter.

  • In harmony: Organized, leader, reliable, energetic, ambitious, and loyal.
  • Out of harmony: Dominant, unfair, dishonest, vengeful, power-hungry, and unscrupulous.


The number 9 indicates an altruistic and humanitarian personality. You are very optimistic and generous, these qualities offer you the energy to continue growing as a person, becoming a useful value to the community.

Other virtues of yours, are undoubtedly the confidence you convey and the loyalty you process. Your emotions do not admit a closed or selfish mentality, instead, they do have room for imagination and a taste for adventure, which will allow you to turn every adversity around.

Other gifts of yours are compassion and tolerance. These allow you to understand ideas and situations in much less time, and more effectively than other people.

You feel the need for freedom running through your veins, which is why you find it hard to connect with people or places for long periods of time.

  • In harmony: Universalist, romantic, philanthropist, inspiring, not influenceable, and broad-minded.
  • Out of harmony: Possessive, indiscreet, and insistent.
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