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PayPal Commission Calculator

Reviewed by BS César Delgado

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  • If is sent, the PayPal fee is and the recipient receives .
  • To receive , a payment of must be made, of which are related to the PayPal fee.

How to Use the PayPal Calculator

To use our PayPal fee simulator correctly, you simply need to enter the requested data in each field.

The calculation options have two scenarios:

  • Firstly, if you wish to receive the net balance, the calculator will tell you how much you need to ask the other person to send you in gross balance in order to receive the agreed amount in net.

  • Secondly, if you wish to send money through this payment manager, but don’t know how to calculate the net balance requested by the other party, the PayPal calculator will tell you the exact figure the other person would receive without considering the fees.

The fees that PayPal charges for each transaction are generally 0.25 € or 0.3 $, (depending on the exchange rate affecting both currencies at that time) as a fixed expense, meaning, for every transaction you make with PayPal, whether it’s 2 €, 1,000 €, or regardless of its amount, it will always charge this amount, but you must also consider other fees.

The main fee for PayPal operations is a variable rate that generally ranges from 1.9% for Non-Governmental Organizations to 5.4% of the total amount sent by companies and individuals (depending on the country).

These figures are approximate and tend to vary from country to country, so we recommend that you check the updated fees here (you can change the country using the language selector located at the bottom of the page).

The PayPal fee calculator for receiving or sending money is considered a highly useful tool, as it sometimes allows us to specify the required balances for each operation.

We can detail it with a couple of examples to make it clearer:

If you sell a product for 12 € in your online store and use PayPal as a payment wallet, this payment operator will take 0.25 € for each transaction you make, that is, for each sale you make, and will also charge a 5.4% variable rate, in this case 0.64 €.

That is, each time a customer makes a payment of 12 € through your store, this gross amount will turn into 11.11 € net, which will be the total balance you will receive in your PayPal account for your use and enjoyment.

Now let's look at it the other way around, let's say you have hired a service and need to send the net balance to the person performing that service.

If that person asks you to send them 50 € net to PayPal, this means you will have to send a larger amount, because PayPal will apply the corresponding fees and by agreeing to send the net balance you are accepting that you will pay those fees.

To those 50 €, you would have to add the 0.25 € fixed rate that PayPal will always charge you for any transaction, plus that 5.4% variable, which in this case is 2.7 €.

With a simple calculation, we will immediately know the amount we need to send:

  • 50 € + 0.25 € + 2.7 € = 52.95 €

That will be the gross balance you must send so that the other person receives 50 € net in their PayPal account.

We have synthesized everything you need to know to calculate PayPal fees, now you know how to obtain the net balance from a gross balance and how to carry out the reverse process completely free.

We hope you found our content to your liking, and that it has allowed you to learn how to calculate PayPal fees on your own. If you've reached this point with a good taste in your mouth, don't forget to share this post on your social networks, so your contacts can also learn about this community of calculators and simulators for free.

Lastly, we would be very grateful if you could communicate with us through the contact page, all the potential errors you might find both in the mortgage calculator and in the text, so we can solve them as soon as possible.

BS César Delgado
Bachelor of Economics from the UC and Master in Business Administration from the SAEJEE.
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