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How to Use the Calculator

Finding your zodiacal ascendant with our online calculator is very simple, you just need to enter your date of birth, the time you were born, and the place, then you must click on “Calculate” and in just a few moments you will have the results.

Here we will explain the differences between the zodiac sign and the ascendant so you can correctly interpret the results.

You will also find descriptions of personality according to combinations of sign and ascendant so you can understand the result you obtained from the calculator.

What is your zodiac sign's ascendant?

The zodiacal ascendant is often considered as the mask with which a person presents themselves to the world. Perhaps it would be more accurate to understand it as an automatic response to the surrounding context.

That is, it shows our natural defenses and how, day by day, we face our daily activities.

The energies transmitted by your sign and the conditions of its respective ascendant are crystal clear to the eyes of others.

These signs, unknown to the general public, show the main reaction, the one that would be more natural, spontaneous, and improvised by any individual when new people or situations appear.

What is the difference between the Zodiac Sign and the Zodiacal Ascendant

How many times have you played guessing someone's zodiac sign at first sight? And how many times have you been utterly wrong?

Surely many times, this is mainly because many do not know that the sign we have drawn on our face is often the ascendant, not the actual zodiac sign under which we were born.

The differences between the birth sign and the ascendant are many, but in this article, we will describe the most important ones.

The zodiac or solar sign is determined by the position of the sun at the time of birth.

This represents our deepest being, the nature of our "self," the cornerstone of our personality. In short, the zodiac sign refers to what we are inside.

On the other hand, the ascendant sign you just calculated is completely different, and its meaning may be a bit more laborious to explain.

The Earth performs two main movements: the one that takes our planet to complete a full turn around the sun in a year (which path determines the different seasons); and the one known as the rotation movement, which takes place every 24 hours from west to east and marks the difference between day and night.

This second movement is responsible for us seeing the stars emerge in the east and disappear in the west.

The zodiacal ascendant is the sign that, at the moment of your birth, was emerging or “ascending” from the east.

From a symbolic point of view, this represents our physical body, that is the likenesses, the constitution, and many parts of it.

This is also capable of shaping the way other people perceive you at first sight, that is when the first impression is created. It is, therefore, the mask with which you present yourself to others.

It may happen that a person whose solar sign is Gemini casually has a very serious Capricorn as their ascendant, so they will be perceived by others, at first, as a somewhat closed, severe, or rigid person, without dissolving the cordial, sociable, mischievous, and brilliant nature of their solar sign.

How to Interpret the Results

Now we will teach you how to interpret the results thrown by the ascendant calculator. For this, you will only need two pieces of information: your solar or zodiac sign and the ascendant.

Below, you will find all the combinations for each zodiac sign, as well as the personality characteristics in each case.

Ascendants of Capricorn

Capricorn ascendant Capricorn

They are truly practical people, this pragmatism leads them to make decisions that might seem contradictory to their way of being, but, in the end, usually get them out of trouble at a certain moment.

From a work perspective, they are greatly concerned about their future, they focus on carrying out their activities effectively and achieving excellence day after day.

Capricorn ascendant Aquarius

They are the typical person who knows how to adapt without problems to the needs of others or to the different contexts that may arise to overcome them.

Furthermore, they tend to be very kind and pleasant individuals, capable of winning anyone's heart and transforming any personal relationship into an intimate and lasting one that transcends the merely formal.

Capricorn ascendant Pisces

It might seem that we are facing a person who is really weak emotionally speaking, as they often show an extremely tactile sensitivity to the outside world, however, in their intimacy, they harbor an emotional strength that would surprise everyone.

On the other hand, they tend to be deeply religious and quite spiritual people.

Capricorn ascendant Aries

They deeply love being on the move, the hustle and bustle, feeling that time is not wasted, so they always seek to be busy, they feel a fascination for starting projects and stories that will surely never be completed.

On the other hand, they possess great leadership skills, as they have a certain magnetic attraction thanks to their charismatic talents and humanism.

Capricorn ascendant Taurus

They are the personification of willpower, always achieving what they set out to do, no matter how difficult or distant the goal may be, never giving up is their main objective in life.

On the other hand, they are also responsible people, who know how to attend to their needs without necessarily having to forget about the needs of others.

Capricorn ascendant Gemini

They are magnificent speakers, capable of surprising everyone by using the art of speech, in which they are manifestly outstanding.

They are not romantic at all, on the contrary, they tend to approach their relationships from a strictly rational point of view.

However, they feel an innate attraction towards change, which they rely on to fill themselves with the joy of living.

Capricorn ascendant Cancer

It is likely that they suffer from strong internal conflicts, among which contradictions are included.

They are people who are in constant search of excellence, in such a way that they feel fulfilled through the systematic achievement of objectives.

Capricorn ascendant Leo

They are quite energetic, ambitious, competitive individuals, and they work tirelessly to successfully face all the challenges that life may put in their way.

However, they must be balanced to avoid excessive ambition negatively affecting their personal relationships.

Capricorn ascendant Virgo

They are individuals who enjoy a great deal of misunderstanding from others, in such a way that they always go against the current and feel detached from reality, they are, in practice, true misfits.

Thanks to this, they come across as serious and formal people, although deep down, or rather, in their privacy, they are truly fun people.

Capricorn ascendant Libra

They are people very concerned about what others think of them, to the point that this greatly influences them, even leading them to guide their life based on external impressions.

On the other hand, they cannot stand loneliness, so much so, that they prefer to change to please others rather than remain in solitude.

Capricorn ascendant Scorpio

They are really introverted, they find it extremely hard to express their feelings, although they are quite receptive to listening to other people's problems.

They are tremendously ambitious people, they don't mind trampling over others to achieve their goals, their objectives are above those of the rest of the community, the strategies they will carry out will surprise everyone.

Capricorn ascendant Sagittarius

They are natural philosophers, one of their main concerns is to understand the structure and functioning of the human mind.

In terms of personality, they have a certain pleasant nuance, so much so that it serves as a source of inspiration for their loved ones.

Ascendants of Aquarius

Aquarius ascendant Capricorn

They are really serious people, they do not like jokes or having their time wasted, they love having an orderly life in which no one can influence their decisions.

Similarly, they are also individuals strongly tied to obedience and routine, they guide their life with military discipline, in such a way that acting spontaneously is extremely difficult for them.

Aquarius ascendant Aquarius

It's about the pure Aquarius, it is characterized by gathering all the positive and negative aspects of the sign and amplifying them to the extreme.

They are not at all a person who fits within the conventional, their attitudes are quite eccentric and they constantly change their mind.

Aquarius ascendant Pisces

They are individuals endowed with great sensitivity and are greatly affected by the world around them, which is why they systematically seek escapes to hide from reality.

They know how to use emotions to manipulate others, and, in fact, they do it regularly, however, they possess a truly amazing inner world, well above the average, which distinguishes them from other people and allows them to act in a different way.

Aquarius ascendant Aries

They are characterized by a strong personality, with a lot of vitality and magnetic attraction force, they are not the type of person who usually goes unnoticed.

Despite everything, they are not fans of discipline, in such a way that they do not tolerate orders and hierarchies, they prefer to live at their own pace and without worries, in such a way that this attitude strengthens their self-confidence.

Aquarius ascendant Taurus

They possess great perseverance and discipline, which leads them to achieve all their goals and objectives.

On the other hand, they feel a fascination for adventure and the unknown, although they do not dismiss a routine life in which they live with a certain tranquility and stability at the time of their retirement.

Aquarius ascendant Gemini

They possess great intellectual gifts that distinguish them from the rest, they are great communicators and take advantage of this to draw the attention of others and attract them to their side.

They are idealists who never give up, always fighting for what they believe is right and defend it to the very end.

Aquarius ascendant Cancer

Although as an Aquarius you like to enjoy life in a detached way, with this ascendant you can become more sensitive and romantic: in this case, the Aquarius brain merges with the Cancer illusion.

Innately, you are a caretaker of your loved ones, but you feel more devotion to groups than to individuals. It is likely that non-committal romantic relationships are not your thing.

Aquarius ascendant Leo

The Leo ascendant endows individuals with great emotionality, which leads them to follow their impulses and let their heart rule their life.

From an emotional standpoint, they love intense relationships, throughout their lives they tend to have more than one romance that, although brief, will be quite passionate.

Aquarius ascendant Virgo

They are characterized by their excellence, thanks to the qualities they treasure, they manage to stand out above the rest in almost any task.

However, they are much more reserved than most natives of this sign, but they have a great capacity for restraint which gives them the ability to conceal important information for a long time.

Aquarius ascendant Libra

They love solitude, and, consequently, they are nocturnal animals, in such a way that they adore the night and live settled in it, they have incorporated it to a certain extent into their daily lives.

They also stand out for their solidarity with others, they are always willing to lend a hand to all those in need.

Aquarius ascendant Scorpio

They are really smart people, they know how to turn around all kinds of adverse situations using their developed intellect.

Moreover, they tend to be really gossipy individuals, who love to know the intimacies of their surroundings, but, however, hate when others meddle in their lives, thus becoming very interested in the lives of others, but atypically extroverted.

Aquarius ascendant Sagittarius

They are the typical person who loves sports, to such an extent that they cannot live without them, since the mere development of these types of activities greatly motivates them and makes them feel free and connected with nature.

They are also idealists and let themselves be carried away by their desires, whatever they may be.

Ascendants of Pisces

Pisces ascendant Capricorn

It's not that they possess intelligence above the norm, but, to tell the truth, they are truly willing and achieve great accomplishments by substituting virtue for perseverance, which means they are great people who can go very far.

Despite everything, they have a very rich inner world, which helps them to be persistent people and to believe in themselves.

Pisces ascendant Aquarius

They are instinctive individuals and this helps them make the right decisions in certain circumstances, no matter how difficult they may be.

They usually cultivate good personal relationships, they have no trouble connecting with their environment and making it loyal.

Pisces ascendant Pisces

People who are Pisces and have their ascendant in Pisces magnify all the virtues that this sign offers, in such a way that they are Pisces squared.

They have a very absorbing personality, in the sense that they know how to take the best from each person and keep it for themselves, thus deeply enriching their personality.

Pisces ascendant Aries

They are temperamental, in such a way that you never know how to approach them or what might end up upsetting them.

They need to be always engaged in all kinds of activities, stillness deeply disturbs them, they need to go through states of permanent euphoria.

This craving for euphoria leads them to occasionally adopt violent attitudes, which they often end up regretting.

Pisces ascendant Taurus

A shark in business, they tend to be individuals with great ambition from a financial standpoint, they never have enough, since their ultimate goal is not wealth but the certainty that they are capable of making money.

They are also characterized by being quite stubborn, if they want something they do not stop until they get it, whatever that may be.

Pisces ascendant Gemini

They are somewhat enigmatic people, if you've spoken with her a couple of times, you'll realize that she is not an ordinary person, but someone who knows how to deviate from the marked path, becoming interesting to all kinds of people.

They take their romantic relationships very seriously, often having partners that last a long time, and if they don't last, it's not because they haven't done everything possible.

Pisces ascendant Cancer

They are really reserved people, in such a way that they do not express their feelings clearly.

On the other hand, they tend to be very fun people, despite being so introverted in their personal relationships, this does not mean they are shy or that they lack the capabilities to interact socially.

Pisces ascendant Leo

If one word defines people under this combination, it is loyalty, undoubtedly a stronghold for them, as they always try to maintain it, and, moreover, they assume this value for their romantic relationships.

They are very self-confident individuals, to the point that if they make a decision, they try to follow it through to its ultimate consequences.

Pisces ascendant Virgo

They are people with many internal contradictions, they tend to have a rather chaotic modus vivendi, as they are not able to put order in their life, and, in reality, they don't like it too much either.

In their love aspect, they love sincere and mature relationships, without dirty laundry or absurd arguments, their favorite literary resource to escape from problems is melancholy.

Pisces ascendant Libra

They tend to be quite flexible and malleable people, to the point that it seems their life organically depends on others, basing the fundamental decisions of their life on the opinion, whether explicit or not, that this will generate in others.

On the other hand, they are people who like to cooperate with others, as this makes them feel truly useful to themselves.

Pisces ascendant Scorpio

They are lovers of strong emotions, they love living on the edge, dreaming of impossible situations, and managing to come out of them victorious.

They are also great manipulators, knowing how to gain the trust of those who are convenient for them to take advantage of their virtues or possessions and get the most out of them, although this does not mean they do not feel some kind of closeness to that person.

Pisces ascendant Sagittarius

They are optimistic people, they always know how to see the glass half full in all kinds of situations, whatever they may be.

They adore knowledge, their curiosity knows no bounds, they read regularly and whenever they have a question, they consult it quickly, this insatiable curiosity has turned them into immensely wise people with the ability to react in all kinds of contexts.

Ascendants of Aries

Aries ascendant Capricorn

You are an impulsive person who hates going slow, you love speed, watching the days go by with the intensity they deserve, you're not someone who can spend an afternoon lying on the couch doing nothing.

You pursue your goals persistently, you don't stop until you achieve what you set out to do, that is, you don't settle for just anything, it has to be exactly what you're looking for.

Aries ascendant Aquarius

You are a truly eccentric person, your intelligence makes you stand out and differentiate yourself from the rest, you have the ability to anticipate the movements of others and know how to respond to complex situations.

You live a bit removed from everyday life and sometimes you immerse yourself in your world and forget the problems that usually disturb your peers.

Aries ascendant Pisces

You are characterized by having a very rich inner world, you like to get lost in your thoughts and navigate through them.

On the other hand, sensitivity is one of your strongest traits, you are capable of developing empathy towards all your loved ones, who highly value this virtue and greatly acknowledge it in you.

Aries ascendant Aries

You are an incredibly impulsive and temperamental person, you can't just sit back and watch life go by, you like action and movement, feeling that time is not wasted and that you are making the most of it.

However, you are also marked by your solidarity, which sets you apart from the rest, always ready to help others and make their lives easier in exchange for nothing.

Aries ascendant Taurus

An inner peace rules your life, you don't let anything get the better of you, quite the opposite; you have the virtue of patience, the wisdom of the years has shown you that, if you know how to wait for the right moment, you can achieve your goals more quickly.

On the other hand, you are also quite an extroverted person, who knows how to use silence to not externalize the pains and hardships that torment them.

Aries ascendant Gemini

Monotony destroys you from the inside, you are a person who needs to experience intense emotions, waiting for the flow of time to pass before your eyes is not for you, far from it, you need to feel strong emotions that guide your life.

Moreover, you love being involved in a large number of projects at once, in such a way that you are a very versatile person capable of covering a large number of professions.

Aries ascendant Cancer

You are characterized as a truly sensitive person, in such a way that you are overly affected by all the stimuli you receive from the outside, to the point that it can become bothersome.

On the other hand, you will feel great empathy towards your loved ones, which is one of your most positive characteristics.

Aries ascendant Leo

You are ambitious, you crave power more than anything in the world, success is a special motivation for you.

Despite the excessive ambition that characterizes you, you also have the virtue of generosity, you want to achieve power in an honest way, without stepping on the aspirations of others or even helping them if it's within your means.

Aries ascendant Virgo

You are quite a shy person with people who do not belong to your circle of trust, this is quite contradictory to how outgoing you are with your circle of trust.

You are also a very peaceful person, you do not accept any kind of violence.

Aries ascendant Libra

You are a person capable of attracting the attention of others, your electric personality makes you much more interesting in the eyes of others, in such a way that you will always be surrounded by people who want the best for you.

However, you are a very sensitive person to the expressions and opinions of others that will end up strongly influencing your life, guiding it on some occasions.

Aries ascendant Scorpio

You have a personality characterized by complexity and doubt, you are amazed by the world you live in and react with rejection to certain common attitudes that seem totally intolerable to you.

That said, you are a romantic, you understand love as something idealized, something worth fighting for until the end, you flee from pragmatism and convenient relationships.

Aries ascendant Sagittarius

You feel a natural attraction to risk, you love pushing situations to the limit because the vertigo that comes from immersing yourself in contexts involving a high probability of loss makes you feel good; it's your way of showing the world that you're capable of anything.

Behind your tough exterior hides a fearful side, afraid of others' rejection or a blossoming of your inner weaknesses.

Ascendants of Taurus

Taurus ascendant Capricorn

A strategist of the times, he likes to control everything around him, leaving nothing to chance or providence, preferring to meticulously control every step or every detail of his life.

On the other hand, he approaches his romantic relationships with great caution, leaving no room for recklessness or disorder, moreover, he carries out every move with tenacity so that everything goes as he has planned.

Taurus ascendant Aquarius

He is the prototype of a person who hates being told what to do, preferring to live his life without guidelines, following his own impulses.

He often shows an attitude of apathy towards romantic relationships, however, deep down he is somewhat sentimental, in such a way that he feels the depth of relationships, even though he seems not to care at all.

Taurus ascendant Pisces

People who were born with this ascendant tend to be very curious and ask all kinds of questions, that is, their desire to know everything is infinite.

They put great effort into their romantic relationships, in such a way, that they build a vital pillar around them.

Taurus ascendant Aries

You are not a rational person, quite the opposite, yours is to think with your heart and let yourself be carried away by the impulses it sends to your brain.

You hate routine, it's something that suffocates you and makes you feel stuck as a person.

Taurus ascendant Taurus

You are perseverant, resistant to change, loyal, kind-hearted, but quite inflexible.

You possess a very strong willpower, you never give up, even if the goal is not particularly beneficial to you.

Taurus ascendant Gemini

Despite being a Taurus, which is characterized by being quite calm, you are a really nervous person, in any situation, no matter how manageable it may be, you'll find that it manages to worry you excessively.

On the other hand, you are also a really proactive person, you love to do things, as it is the only real way you know to calm your nerves, if you stay still the world will start to fall on you.

Taurus ascendant Cancer

You are the kind of person who places fundamental importance on tradition, you hate the idea that things can change, routine sets the pattern for you to follow every day of your life.

You feel a strong inclination towards security, uncertainty greatly bothers you, so much so that you prefer to live with the total peace of mind of knowing that you are standing on ground full of certainties and that it does not shake in any way.

Taurus ascendant Leo

One of your main virtues is the determination you possess, so much so that from a very young age you have had clear priorities and have oriented your life around them.

Moreover, you also have a legendary loyalty that sets you apart from the rest, both towards people and your ideals, in such a way that your beliefs constitute one of the fundamental pillars of your personality.

Taurus ascendant Virgo

One of your main problems is related to anxiety, which is caused by minor issues.

You are a very introverted person, you do not usually express your feelings clearly, you find it very hard to talk about them.

The constant anxiety makes you seek security and try to preserve it at all costs.

Taurus ascendant Libra

You don't like depending on anyone, you prefer to organize your life in your own way without any ties, to such an extent that the word independent really falls short for you.

Therefore, you usually surround yourself with people who always depend on you to subtly manage their destinies and feel that no one controls your life, but on the contrary, that you are capable of managing the lives of others.

Taurus ascendant Scorpio

Undoubtedly, people who were born under this ascendant tend to have a very attractive personality, and with subtlety, they greatly influence the lives of others.

On the other hand, they also tend to be very cheerful people, with whom it is pleasant to spend a good time and have fun for hours without getting bored.

Taurus ascendant Sagittarius

They are the typical person who feels on the margins of society, not because they are incapable of forming good and sincere personal relationships, but because they feel different and misunderstood.

They feel a strong attraction to animals of all kinds, so much so that they dream of having hundreds of different species by their side, aware that this is the only thing that will make them happy.

Ascendants of Gemini

Gemini ascendant Capricorn

Perseverance defines you. Giving up is not part of your vocabulary, you have very noble aspirations, as you understand that you are on the right path and that all you need to do is to follow it to reach your goal.

Another one of your characteristics, though it is related to the previous ones, is the firmness with which you hold your principles and aspirations. For you, they are always a priority, even in tough times.

Gemini ascendant Aquarius

You are a person deeply devoted to culture, study, and reflection. You have magnificent abilities for study and analysis, in such a way that you will always stand out in any type of intellectual activity you undertake.

You strive to protect your feelings and those of the people around you, this predisposition to protection reaches the point of turning you into a truly conservative person.

Gemini ascendant Pisces

The fusion of these two very particular signs gives rise to individuals with great imagination and a great capacity to perceive reality.

Although they appear to be vulnerable people, they hide a strength that makes them grow in the face of adversity, for this virtue, they are highly valued by their loved ones.

Gemini ascendant Aries

The combination of this sign with its Aries ascendant creates people with great vitality, ready to take on the world without any problems.

More than intelligent, people with this combination possess great mental agility, in such a way that they know how to handle a wide variety of situations with ease.

Gemini ascendant Taurus

They are people deeply immersed in their inner world, which they do not often leave, so much so that sometimes they disconnect so much from reality that they manage to become disoriented from it.

On the other hand, and although it may seem contradictory, they are people who love stability, in fact, they even need it to feel free.

Gemini ascendant Gemini

They are extremely extroverted and are characterized by expressing their feelings clearly and transparently to everyone, there are few taboo topics for you.

You are also characterized by always expressing a magnetic joy that will enchant friends and acquaintances, you are the prototype of person that everyone wants to have around.

Gemini ascendant Cancer

You have a high adaptability capacity since you are able to adjust to all kinds of situations, whatever their nature, your resilience is truly vigorous.

On the other hand, you are the type of person who loves everything related to the home, in such a way that you prefer to spend as much time as possible inside your castle.

Gemini ascendant Leo

You are the prototype of a person who enjoys life as much as they can, to the point that there are few worries that lodge in your head, rather quite the opposite, only concerns of great magnitude are capable of disturbing you.

You are the kind of person with whom it is really hard to get bored, all your loved ones adore your comedic side.

Gemini ascendant Virgo

You are very methodical, you love to control everything, you feel that life only makes sense if you can control all the variables that may arise.

Even so, you remain a truly curious person, especially with everything related to personal relationships, where you love to experiment and learn, satisfying your curiosity always without risking a bit of your tranquility.

Gemini ascendant Libra

You know how to maintain perfect balance and love routine, although changes don't bother you as much as it might seem, since you have the ability to maintain serenity and overcome any challenge without major problems.

You are also a very friendly person and have the ability to get along with practically everyone, thanks to a very skillful use of words and body language.

Gemini ascendant Scorpio

You are a person who loves getting to the root of things, you face life with great depth getting to the bottom of any matter, you detest superficiality because you believe it does not serve to cement your steps.

You are interested in culture above all, since you understand that it is a weapon loaded with possibilities capable of allowing you a better interaction with the rest.

Gemini ascendant Sagittarius

You stand out for always being able to detect the best opportunities, you always get on the train on time and take advantage of every breath of fresh air that life can offer you.

But from the point of view of love, you have great difficulties in maintaining just one relationship at the same time since you adore having several relationships simultaneously, plus you fall in love extremely easily.

Ascendants of Cancer

Cancer ascendant Capricorn

Due to the opposition between your sign and your ascendant, you will live in a constant conflict between reason and the heart, which will deeply mark your everyday life.

There is nothing you like less than changes; you enjoy routine, living within it, and immersing yourself in its depths. You are a creature of habit for whom variation represents a deviation.

Cancer ascendant Aquarius

You are not the kind of person who can easily go unnoticed; you like to attract attention and be the center of all eyes, although, despite everything, no one would dare to say that you are a self-centered person.

You feel a special attachment to everything that breaks the norm and established dogmas; you consider yourself a rebellious person, who stands up to injustices and dreams of a better tomorrow.

Cancer ascendant Pisces

Your thing is science, but always linked to a public service, since you have a collective mindset that leads you to always think about the whole.

You are also characterized by a certain mysticism that makes you a person capable of attracting others thanks to your mysterious character.

Cancer ascendant Aries

You are characterized as an outgoing and approachable person, your loved ones deeply value these virtues and recognize you as someone they can count on in difficult times.

You are able to identify others' weaknesses and act accordingly, which gives you a strategic advantage in getting closer to others.

Cancer ascendant Taurus

You are a very home-loving person, you enjoy the comforts of home, so much so that you are absolutely indispensable in yours, you are most likely the glue that holds your family together.

You have always been known to be a dreamer who is grounded, a person with principles who knows how to handle the contradictions of the present.

Cancer ascendant Gemini

You are characterized by being a jovial person, who enjoys day-to-day life, and sees the passage of time as a virtue, not a flaw, nostalgia as a strength and not a weakness.

Thus, thanks to your personality, you are able to connect more intensely with younger people and also with children, with whom you will have much more of a rapport than usual.

Cancer ascendant Cancer

You have always been someone who gives a lot to others, which has been greatly appreciated by your loved ones who see you as a sincere, generous, and very hardworking person.

On the other hand, you tend to have great wisdom, you are the typical person everyone turns to for advice, since with your easy words you are able to help people to reorient their lives.

Cancer ascendant Leo

Your sun sign and ascendant are the perfect combination between the sun and the moon, which gives you a rocky and magnetic personality, not without contradictions of all kinds.

You are a person very careful with your personal relationships, you like to take care of them, and you always expect a minimum reciprocity, the fact of not receiving the same treatment you give causes you certain frustration and that helps you discard relationships that you do not consider productive.

Cancer ascendant Virgo

The alignment of these two zodiac signs indicates that you are a person who is and knows they are intelligent, and this element is something you often use to win the affection and friendship of your loved ones.

On the other hand, you are an introverted person, so you always keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself.

Cancer ascendant Libra

Tenderness is one of your main virtues, to which the balance provided by your Libra ascendant will be added, therefore, you are a person as amiable as you are stable, capable of attracting the attention of all those who see stability as a fundamental value in their lives.

Furthermore, you are characterized by having an idealized vision of love, your strong moral principles lead you to build solid relationships based on sincerity.

Cancer ascendant Scorpio

You pursue your goals tenaciously, you don't stop until you achieve what you want, overcoming any kind of adversity that comes your way, perseverance is your flag.

To that, it's worth adding a natural survival instinct that allows you to withstand all kinds of situations, no matter how adverse they may be, you will always be able to find a way to cope with extreme situations without collapsing.

Cancer ascendant Sagittarius

You are characterized by leading a quite cheerful lifestyle, you don't let problems overshadow your everyday life and you always show yourself to the world with a good face, whether you know how to solve them or not.

Moreover, you know how to take advantage of life's opportunities like no one else, so that, where many see problems, you always end up seeing opportunities to take advantage of.

Ascendants of Leo

Leo ascendant Capricorn

They are discreet people, speak little and do not like to show off, but they possess qualities that make them stand out among others on their own.

Everything they do is well thought out, they rarely act on impulse, in fact, they like to organize their ideas very well.

They are people who have great self-esteem, but without being selfish or egocentric, in fact, they are always willing to help.

From time to time, they become melancholic and nostalgic.

Leo ascendant Aquarius

They are characterized by having great ideas, which often few people can understand, however, that does not stop them and they manage to make their dreams come true.

They are adaptable people, who find it very easy to make friends, and identify with them regardless of their class, tastes, etc.

Lovers of originality, freedom and joy, although sometimes they are invaded by melancholy.

Leo ascendant Pisces

They are docile and sensitive people. They like to do good without looking at whom, as they are very kind and generous, to the point of setting aside their own needs.

They are very romantic, so they get their hopes up relatively easily, another feeling that easily surfaces in them is anger, as what the people around them do can affect them a lot.

Leo ascendant Aries

Many of the great Leo leaders have Aries ancestry, as they are people characterized by taking on situations with great responsibility and passion. They love to take control because they trust that they will do everything well. Another thing is that they do not enjoy taking orders much.

On the other hand, they are very brave and fearless people, who are always on the move. When a Leo with Aries ancestry sets a goal, they will work with perseverance until they achieve what they have set out to do.

They like to give love, cultivate friendships, and in fact, they are somewhat jealous.

Leo ascendant Taurus

Often, they need to be motivated, as they usually have their own pace which sometimes isn't so fast; but when they gain momentum, there's no stopping them.

They tend to be somewhat possessive, both with material goods and personal relationships.

Another aspect to highlight is that once an idea gets into their head, it's very difficult to convince them otherwise, since they are very stubborn and obstinate.

Leo ascendant Gemini

A Leo person always wants to be the life of the party, and if they also have their Ascendant in Gemini, this will clearly be amplified.

They love to talk a lot, meet new people, learn new things, and never stop; they always need to be in constant motion, and the best part is that they love to spread the enthusiasm that characterizes them.

The downside is that they don't always finish what they start, as they get bored of doing the same things for a long time, so they need to be motivated.

Leo ascendant Cancer

They love to be pampered and taken into account, something very special about these people is that they develop a great capacity for empathy and would be capable of giving away their own belongings to those in need, as they are very sensitive individuals.

Often, they are submissive and fearful, which is why they love spending time at home.

Leo ascendant Leo

They are people with a very defined character and a lot of leadership who love things done well and taking control, as they trust their decisions and themselves.

They cannot stand hypocrisy, as they like to always speak the truth, they tend to be resentful since they find it hard to forgive anything done to them.

Leo ascendant Virgo

They are shy, introverted, and very modest people, who find it hard to trust themselves.

They are characterized by having a big heart, full of kindness and generosity, always willing to help other people, but without the need to show off about it.

They are also very perfectionist and somewhat rigid, which sometimes makes it hard for them to settle down with a partner.

Leo ascendant Libra

They are people who sometimes get carried away by emotions and act on impulse, rarely saying no, which can sometimes be a problem.

They are very friendly, empathetic, and charismatic. They are always willing to serve and like to meet a lot of people.

Leo ascendant Scorpio

People with Scorpio ascendant do not like middle grounds, meaning things either are or they are not, and they apply this in all areas of their life.

They are not easy to deal with, as they tend to have a strong character and often do not fully open up to people, even if they have known them for a long time.

Another characteristic of these individuals is that they handle mystery very well, making them completely unpredictable.

Leo ascendant Sagittarius

These people have no fixed place; they do not like to be calm not even for a minute, a fact that makes them proactive and very enthusiastic.

They are independent people who fight for what they want.

They enjoy making other people laugh, and they like to stand out in a crowd; often, in their desire to please everyone, they make promises they cannot keep.

They love feeling free, which is why they often find it hard to commit on an emotional level.

Ascendants of Virgo

Virgo ascendant Capricorn

These individuals take everything to heart, so they must be careful with the way they interpret things.

They are introverted, quiet, and shy people, who sometimes struggle to build personal relationships.

They enjoy great intelligence and stand out for having great ideas, love taking risks, and implementing their plans.

They are calm, patient, and at times can be very boring to other people.

Virgo ascendant Aquarius

If it comes to stubborn and obstinate people, Virgo with Aquarius ascendant are just that, as they like to do things at their own pace, when they want, and how they want.

But the above does not mean they are unlikable, on the contrary, they have charisma, joy, and affection, and they are also very loyal to their family and close group of friends.

They are lovers of freedom and independence, so when looking for a partner, they lean towards someone who can respect their spaces and their moments alone.

Virgo ascendant Pisces

They usually take things very personally and allow other people's problems to directly affect them, which takes away their peace and tranquility.

They depend a lot on the opinion of others, and sometimes they can be very condescending towards other people. They have a big compassionate heart, are very sensitive and sentimental.

They really enjoy living in fantasy, so sometimes they find it hard to be in touch with reality.

Virgo ascendant Aries

These people love to stand out among others in a positive way, so they strive to do things well, they like to talk a lot and communicate effectively.

They are characterized by being very sincere, which is why they always look for friends willing to withstand their truths.

They are very intelligent and like to learn a lot, so it is not easy to deceive them.

Virgo ascendant Taurus

Virgos with a Taurus ascendant tend to be somewhat stingy and only spend money on what they think is really necessary.

They have a very defined personality and know what they want and how they want it, they are not known for talking much but they are always on the move.

Distrust often takes over these Virgos, so sometimes it's not so easy to convince them.

Virgo ascendant Gemini

These people want everything immediately, that is, they start going to the gym expecting to achieve their dream body in the first week, let's say patience is not their best ally.

They can't stand routine, that's why they are always looking for different activities, and to learn many things every day, they also have great intelligence.

They like to be constantly moving, it seems they can't stay calm for long.

Virgo ascendant Cancer

Unlike other Virgos, those with Cancer ascendant are the ones who like to talk the most, so it can be said that they are very talkative.

They have a great sense of kindness and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

They love family life and being at home, they care about the stability of their family and loved ones, which is why they are considered protectors.

They strive to preserve traditions and to take them wherever they go. They can also be very sensitive.

Virgo ascendant Leo

It is logical that these people have a somewhat strong character and a very well-defined personality, characterized by sincerity.

They are not easily satisfied, always have high aspirations, and are very determined, as they always know what they want.

They like to attract attention, help others, and organize everything, as they love being leaders.

Virgo ascendant Virgo

This is a pure Virgo, who does not like to act on impulse, but prefers to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons before acting.

They become obsessed with doing things right, are systematic, methodical, and not always so spontaneous, they like to do things as literally as possible and with maximum organization.

They are consistent, and they like to serve people, although they also handle some intrigue and can become nostalgic.

Virgo ascendant Libra

They love being surrounded by many people, but only as long as there are no problems and conflicts, as this is something Virgos with this ascendant shy away from.

On the contrary, they like to solve things in a peaceful and reasonable manner, they believe in the power of communication.

On the other hand, they are very affectionate, they like to receive emotional support from others, and they are always looking out for their loved ones.

Virgo ascendant Scorpio

These are people who keep very much to themselves and enjoy doing so, very few open up completely to others.

They are also very systematic and methodological, you can trust them blindly.

They stand out for being very intelligent, analytical, and organized; they are also consistent in the things they do.

Often, they are so wrapped up in themselves that they unintentionally become selfish and possessive.

Virgo ascendant Sagittarius

They are very optimistic, enthusiastic, and above all, trusting people, as they lack malice, something that often plays against them, since they struggle to see the bad side of others.

They love to test their limits, and they don't allow anyone else to tell them they can't achieve a certain goal, plus they like to do several things at once.

Ascendants of Libra

Libra ascendant Capricorn

They are people with big goals, which they want to achieve through their own means, as it is the way they have to keep everything under their control.

They are intelligent, very rational, cold, perfectionists, sober, and somewhat dry, but they can open up more in interactions with friends and loved ones.

They also handle sarcasm very well, are conciliatory, and like harmonious environments.

Libra ascendant Aquarius

These people are characterized by having a very intriguing personality, to the point that they are not fully understood.

However, they tend to be liked by people around them because they show sympathy and joy.

They find it very difficult to settle down with a partner, but they handle the emotional part very well and value friendships.

They are lovers of freedom, charming, joyful, and enjoy their independence.

Libra ascendant Pisces

They are very sensitive and calm people, who are attracted to the spiritual and mystical.

They find it very hard to make decisions, so many times they will need the influence of others.

They are kind, generous, emotional, and even mysterious, they can change their mood in the blink of an eye.

Libra ascendant Aries

These are people who take on things with commitment and a lot of responsibility, always in search of perfection in everything they do.

Although they often enjoy solitude, on other occasions they really like social life and sharing with people.

They are very direct in their way of saying things, which sometimes means they don't get along with everyone, however, those who have the opportunity to get to know them know that they are respectful, harmonious, and very affectionate.

They like artistic activities and starting new projects.

Libra ascendant Taurus

These are people who act with great passion, and who like to stay in their comfort zone.

They are attractive, pleasant, and sensual individuals, who have a great power of attraction.

Extremely intelligent and with a lot of intellectual interest, they have a great sense of aesthetics, which is why they tend to have a very neat and presentable appearance.

They are people who hate injustices, and will not hesitate to step up in the face of one, they are characterized by being loyal and faithful to their loved ones.

And as for their feelings, they often try to find a rational explanation for them and not let them come to the surface.

Libra ascendant Gemini

The main characteristic that natives of the Gemini sign with this ascendant present is that they are great communicators, they enjoy talking more than anything in the world.

They are cheerful, friendly, pleasant, fair, and conciliatory people, they do not like problems and prefer harmonious environments, despite this, they do not manage to be liked by everyone, as their sense of humor is not always well received.

It is necessary for them to receive encouragement from others in order to finalize any matter, since inconsistency often takes over them.

Libra ascendant Cancer

They are people who like to be in control of things, and they love to impose their creativity, they are characterized by being very passionate, but they must be careful not to let this turn against them.

Sometimes their mood is not so gentle, and it is not easy to get to know them deeply because they like to maintain a certain mystery, but all with the purpose of protecting themselves in a way from their surroundings.

They are idealistic, creative, and somewhat whimsical people, they should not be made angry because it is very likely that they will want to take revenge.

Libra ascendant Leo

They are somewhat condescending people who need the approval of others, which is why they often find it hard to become completely independent.

Sometimes they may seem boastful, which is why they do not make many new friends, but those they do have know that they are pleasant and sweet people.

Pride often takes over them, so much so that they can become selfish, but on the other hand, they are willing to help those in need.

They are people of very good taste, who take great care of aesthetics and appearance, they are not very deep, nor do they worry about their emotions, they tend to become narcissistic beings.

Libra ascendant Virgo

At first, they do not show themselves as they are to people, they only open up when they feel confident.

They are reserved individuals, who like to stick to their routine, so much so that if something changes, they feel disoriented.

They are good communicators, they take great care of their interpersonal relationships, for they fear being emotionally hurt.

They are spiritual beings, who like their spaces and autonomy.

Libra ascendant Libra

These are Libra people at their finest, who, although they manage to excel in many things, can be said to be well-rounded.

They are as impartial as possible, and often condescending. When it comes to making decisions, they always have to consult with a third party first.

On the other hand, they are pleasant, friendly, and attractive; they fit in very well with other people, as they make an effort to do so.

They are lovers of peace and harmony, which is why they tend to avoid expressing their opinions to prevent conflicts.

Libra ascendant Scorpio

They are emotionally intelligent and know how to treat people the way they want to be treated.

They are committed in their relationships, always looking for a balance so that everything flows in peace and harmony.

They are very selective when it comes to choosing the people who will be part of their environment.

Sometimes their emotions can be out of convenience, that is, they act according to the moment and the circumstances, which sometimes makes them appear hypocritical.

They like to socialize with family and friends, and believe that they should be thankful for their presence.

Libra ascendant Sagittarius

They are people who are in constant search of love and companionship, as they fear being alone, that's why they always like to deeply know new people.

They also like to learn new things, as they place great value on the intellectual aspect.

They are not very sincere or straightforward, but it's something that doesn't cause many problems, meaning they prefer to have a more neutral opinion about everything.

They are kind, generous, and pleasant with their friends and family.

Ascendants of Scorpio

Scorpio ascendant Capricorn

They do not usually trust others easily, and when they make their plans, they choose to keep them secret and bring them to light only when they have materialized.

They do not easily forget when they have been hurt, that is to say, they are somewhat resentful.

They fight and work constantly for everything they want, they are characterized by being very consistent and persevering.

Although they do not show their sentimental side, they are very loyal and very loving people with their loved ones.

Scorpio ascendant Aquarius

They are irreverent, they like to stand out and do everything their way, and they usually break completely with all schemes.

They like to research, invent, and create, as they are fans of different things.

Routine and tradition are not something that catches their attention much.

They are magnetic people, who are very well-liked, very friendly, cheerful, and pleasant.

They have the gift of intuition and also let themselves be guided a lot by what their heart dictates.

Scorpio ascendant Pisces

They are kind, charismatic, sensitive, and very romantic people, they enjoy the virtues of old-fashioned love and intense passions.

However, they tend not to be very expressive, they do everything just right.

They like to work a lot, but they prefer to do it alone, as they trust in their great creativity and do not like it to be questioned.

They are attracted to everything wrapped in mystery, they are very spiritual.

Scorpio ascendant Aries

Sincerity and frankness are one of the characteristics of Scorpios with this ascendant; they seem to have no filters and sometimes do not think very well about what they are going to say, which can get them into some trouble.

They are restless, always needing to be in constant movement, as they become impatient and get bored very easily, which is why most of the time they do not fully achieve their goals.

They have a strong character and a very dominant and defined personality.

Scorpio ascendant Taurus

Stubbornness and obstinacy are the main characteristics of those with a Taurus ascendant, they always want to be right and it is very difficult for them to give in.

They are very realistic and grounded people, who can only live in the here and now, they do not beat around the bush and do not like to fantasize.

Every decision they make has been very well thought out, they are persistent, distrustful, and sometimes somewhat selfish. On the other hand, they are friendly, pleasant, and very kind.

Scorpio ascendant Gemini

These people are not liked by everyone, as they have a very strong personality, and they love to express their point of view frankly and without fear of hurting the sensitivities of others.

They like to keep moving, as they are very active and creative.

Although they have few friends, they respect and care deeply for those they do have.

Scorpio ascendant Cancer

They give themselves completely to love, as they are very romantic and passionate.

They love themselves very much, that's why they feel capable of loving other people unconditionally.

They have the power to predict what others are thinking since they have a very well-developed intuition, they also like to observe and analyze the personality of others, so it will not be easy to deceive them.

They are responsible, hardworking, somewhat rigid, and sometimes a bit critical.

Scorpio ascendant Leo

These people are driven by a great will and unbreakable strength, they like to set big goals and work hard to achieve them, they are stubborn, persistent, and ambitious individuals.

They have a strong character, they like to command and impose their point of view, and they love to stand out among others.

In a more relaxed environment, they tend to be more pleasant, friendly, and active.

Scorpio ascendant Virgo

These are somewhat introverted people who enjoy having time for themselves.

They don't make their decisions just for the sake of it; they take time to ponder beforehand.

They are very intelligent beings, who learn easily, and who understand the needs and demands of other people.

These scorpions enjoy great vitality and make good use of energy, which is why it is very common to see them engage in activities that help them drain a bit.

Scorpio ascendant Libra

They are politically correct people, always having the tact to treat others and express their point of view very elegantly.

Although often they carry certain fury inside, they know how to control it very well in order to avoid conflicts.

They enjoy periods of solitude, as it is their way of detoxifying from the environment.

They are very energetic, they like to be on the move and are very sentimental and nostalgic beings.

Scorpio ascendant Scorpio

They have a very strong and particular temperament, sometimes they are very distrustful and do not show themselves as they are, but prefer to be more reserved, to the point of arousing intrigue in others.

If someone wrongs them, it is likely that they will not forgive easily and that they will look for the moment and the way to get even.

They are characterized by their liking for work, striving for what they want, as well as imposing their point of view and the way of doing things.

Scorpio ascendant Sagittarius

If it's about spontaneity, taking chances, risking, and venturing, these people have it all.

They are not afraid of new things, and are great enthusiasts, also they almost instantly spread the energy that characterizes them.

Similarly, they are individuals who enjoy social events, and meeting new people, in fact, they are very likable.

They are very fortunate, to the point that luck always accompanies them, which is why they have a certain fascination with dangerous things.

They are kind, charismatic, friendly, cheerful, and very curious, always in search of new knowledge.

Ascendants of Sagittarius

Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn

They are serious, cold, cautious people who like to show others their most severe side, however, inside they are kind, good-natured, and cheerful.

They generate a lot of trust, as they are very good at keeping secrets, and they are also characterized by being very discreet in everything they do.

They are very independent and self-sufficient beings, which makes it hard for them to ask for help.

They enjoy great intelligence and stand out for their developed sense of responsibility.

Sagittarius ascendant Aquarius

They are very fun, cheerful, and sociable people, who establish strong friendship bonds.

Although they really enjoy being in the company of their friends, they are clear that they need their own spaces for themselves.

They are individuals of great imagination and tend to be very cautious.

Sagittarius ascendant Pisces

Imagination is a fundamental part of Sagittarians with Pisces ascendant, so much so that they often seem to live in a surreal world.

They are people who care about the well-being of others, who are very sentimental and compassionate.

They make friends very easily, as their great charisma is well received by other people.

Sagittarius ascendant Aries

The main characteristic of Sagittarians with Aries ascendant is that they like things to be done their way and according to their instructions, in fact, it's very rare for them to accept suggestions from others.

They are transparent people, with strong and concise decisions, so sometimes they can be a bit drastic.

On the other hand, they are noble, with established values, and they show themselves as they are.

Sagittarius ascendant Taurus

These are people who think things over and over again before making a decision, which sometimes causes them to miss many opportunities, but on the other hand, it allows them to make very few mistakes.

They enjoy social life, attending events, and sharing with others.

They stand out for being very sincere and transparent people, and quite assertive.

They love having time for themselves, to meditate and engage in activities that fulfill them spiritually.

Sagittarius ascendant Gemini

Although they are very intelligent, creative, and versatile, they lack the consistency to get their projects off the ground, so they can be considered somewhat scattered.

They love to be on the move and do many things at once, as they are so agile that they certainly have the capacity for it.

They need to be supported and encouraged to organize their ideas and realize their dreams.

Sagittarius ascendant Cancer

Sagittarians with this ascendant are calm, centered, and stable people, not fond of taking risks, and they like to play it safe.

Often, they need to be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone.

They are very family-oriented people who like to set a good example and offer advice, and they are also known for their generosity.

Emotionally, they are changeable, meaning they can experience different moods throughout the day.

The best thing about these Sagittarians is that they have an infallible sixth sense.

Sagittarius ascendant Leo

This Sagittarian has many Leo traits, that is, they are characterized by being good leaders and giving orders but they do not like receiving them.

Moreover, they are individuals with a kind and generous heart, always ready to help others.

Although they choose their circle of friends very carefully, they are people you can count on and trust.

They enjoy talking and showing affection to their loved ones and friends.

Sagittarius ascendant Virgo

They are overly critical and are in a continuous search for perfection in everything, which is why before undertaking any project they research thoroughly, to carry it out as best as possible.

They also tend to be shy and somewhat introverted, but if they feel comfortable and confident, they can open up a bit.

They are very intelligent, curious human beings who love to learn new things, and they have a great facility for it.

They have the gift of writing, as they enjoy a good creative process.

Sagittarius ascendant Libra

A Sagittarius who enjoys partying, large social events, and not doing things that require a lot of effort, then undoubtedly has Libra ascendant.

They are extroverted, cheerful, fun people who like to be the life of the party.

They detest loneliness, which is why it is very common to see them most of the time with many people.

They think very little before acting, they just let themselves be carried away to wherever adventure calls them.

They are very loyal to their friends, are enemies of injustice, and have a strong inclination towards art.

Sagittarius ascendant Scorpio

They are characterized by being quite straightforward and showing themselves in each of their facets as they are.

They like to set goals and do everything possible to achieve them.

They prefer to surround themselves with straightforward and real people, and they stay away from hypocrisy and superficiality.

Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius

These pure Sagittarians are characterized by being very cheerful, positive, and optimistic.

They always pursue big goals, they don't like to settle for small things, that's why they always work to achieve what they set out to do.

They are pleasant people, who tend to be liked by everyone, they are relaxed, sincere, and enjoy independence and freedom.

They love to talk to people and advise them, sometimes they like to command, but it's something they can control.

They are idealistic, have good feelings, and sometimes need a push to commit to something.

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