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Reviewed by Daryelin Sosa

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How old is the mother?

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The result is based on the Chinese pregnancy chart, which attempts to predict the baby's sex before birth.

This has no scientific basis, so it should never replace the results of ultrasounds or the assessment of a medical professional. To obtain a reliable result, you must visit your doctor.

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How to use the boy or girl calculator

If you are pregnant and very curious to know the sex of your baby, here we offer you an option using the Eastern tradition that could help predict whether you will have a boy or a girl.

We have based this on a methodology that takes as its foundation the so-called "Chinese chart", which is based on the month conception took place and the lunar age of the mother (at the time of conception).

Enter the data in the form, click on “Calculate” and in a matter of seconds our tool will give you the result.

This methodology does not have a scientific basis, so it should never replace the results of ultrasounds or the assessment of a medical professional. To obtain a reliable result you should visit your doctor.

How the Chinese calendar method works

You can use this method to calculate the sex of the baby if you are pregnant or if you are planning to get pregnant and would like to know its sex before conception.

To use the Chinese calendar, you will require two pieces of information:

  • First, the exact age of the mother in the month of conception.
  • Second, the month in which conception took place.

If you wish to get pregnant but want to have a boy, for example, you can try our online calculator by entering various options until boy appears.

Once you have these two pieces of information, you have two options, either use our baby sex calculator, or look it up in the chart you will find below.

Chinese pregnancy chart


There are many myths or popular beliefs to predict the sex of babies that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Some beliefs claim that the shape of the belly can give us many clues about the sex of our future child; if it is shaped like a ball, popular knowledge says it's a boy, otherwise, it will be a girl.

Other beliefs rely on the cravings of the future mother to predict if she will have one sex or the other. For example, if she craves meat or cheese, it will be a boy growing in her womb. On the other hand, if she is eager to eat fish or chocolate, it will be a girl she brings into this world.

According to some studies, this can be determined by the location where the fetus settles.

Another research claims that more girls are born in spring than boys, while in the warmer years, more boys tend to be born worldwide.

Moreover, some believe that more women than men are born in all those countries located near the Equator, while in areas close to the poles, the birth of boys is higher.

Others assert that in times of crisis, the babies born are mostly girls.

There are various studies that aim to define the probabilistic trends regarding the sex of babies under certain conditions, but these are statistics that could change over time. Many formulas have been created in order to answer that question all mothers and fathers ask themselves when a baby is on the way: Will it be a boy or a girl?

Both popular beliefs and statistical data and/or Eastern tradition should only be taken as pure entertainment, never take it as professional advice. The only 100% reliable tool is the scientific test carried out by a medical professional.

This is all you need to know to try to predict the sex of your baby through our boy or girl calculator, we hope you have found it enjoyable and remember it is a guidance tool, as only a specialized doctor can give you reliable data.

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