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How to use the calculator

If you don't know what your sign is in the Chinese zodiac, with our online calculator you can find out in the simplest way.

You just need to enter your complete date of birth, click on "Calculate" and in just a few seconds our simulator will give you the result.

What is the Chinese Zodiac?

It is a prediction tool based on twelve animals that govern each year.

In Chinese astrology there are twelve signs, but unlike the Western method, where each sign corresponds to a particular month, in the Chinese horoscope the sign changes every year.

History of Chinese Astrology

This mythology takes Buddha as a reference, who, being aware that death was approaching, summoned all the animals of the earth to meet with him, but only 12 animals attended the meeting.

As a reward for their loyalty, he decided to assign each of them a lunar phase that would adopt their name, in such a way that they would always be above death itself.

The clever and cunning Rat was the first to present itself before Buddha, the second was the intelligent and rational Ox, followed by the brave Tiger, and the calm Rabbit. In fifth place, came the Dragon, and after him the Snake, considered a younger sister of the same.

The seventh was the Horse, followed by the Rooster with its colorful plumage, obviously the always loyal Dog was not missing, and, lastly, and by the skin of its teeth, the Pig, who arrived just moments before the great leap.

Meaning of the Chinese horoscope signs


The rat gives the starting signal to the Chinese zodiac signs, this type of people behave like real leaders and tricksters in all kinds of situations

They are able to generate a great fascination, it is usually associated with very practical and passionate subjects, at work they always try to give 100% and are not easily influenced by the rest of the people around them.

They are able to generate a great fascination, it is usually associated with very practical and passionate subjects, at work they always try to give 100% and are not easily influenced by the rest of the people around them

Those born under this sign have great leadership skills, they like to organize to the smallest point

Another of their virtues is intelligence, in addition to cunning and constancy, these people face life with ambition. This astuteness will allow them to adapt to the obstacles that they will encounter in their daily lives.

Rats are considered to be the most intelligent of all

The rat is considered by his friends as a charismatic character, so people under this sign tend to have a lot of friends, but also tend to be very selective and choose the few friends who believe they can be faithful.

The rat is considered by his friends as a charismatic character, so people under this sign tend to have a lot of friends, but also tend to be very selective and choose the few friends who believe they can be faithful

Their honesty with their friends will allow them to create strong bonds between them.

Their honesty with their friends will allow them to create strong bonds between them


A Buffalo is characterized by being the ideal person to be the boss or leader, their tenacity and eagerness to do things well will allow them to develop most work activities more efficiently.

The main ability of the Buffalo is to always achieve whatever they set their mind to, this combined with their great calmness and modesty are characteristics that make them a unique person.

If you were born a Buffalo, it might mean that you are a very patient person, you love to work tirelessly and you usually overcome most of the difficulties life throws at you without complaining too much.

You love tranquility, some believe you are too stubborn, because once an idea is in your head, it's hard to make you change your mind.

As a Buffalo, you are characterized by being a bit introverted, while at the same time especially clever and if the occasion warrants it, you can end up becoming a great conversationalist.

Many of you who were born under this sign detest being told what to do, you love security and work hard to achieve it.

On the other hand, it's important to know that Buffalos tend to be social people and that they usually don't obsess over money.


If you were born in a year ruled by the Tiger, you are likely endowed with a magnetic personality, love independence, but also order.

Tigers know how to make someone fall in love by enveloping them with your strong charismatic personality. You have many other virtues, however, you are also characterized by being an indifferent, cold, and proud person.

Another aspect that might be interpreted as negative is your ambition, which may be seen in a good light at work, but not so much in other areas.

It's hard to make you change your mind, you love defending your ideals until the end, and often you are sure you are always right, this nuance of your personality could harm you in the sentimental sphere.

You are a self-confident person, you also have an uncommon vitality.

Especially if you are a woman, you will be feared for your aggressiveness.

If you are a Tiger and were born at night, you might be more cheerful than if you were born during the day. Finally, because of your determination, sometimes you can come off as not very nice, only those who take the trouble to know you deeply will appreciate you.


If you were born under the sign of the Rabbit, you have a very interesting characteristic because it's hard to find these days: altruism. Thanks to this, you will always be surrounded by people who appreciate and support you.

It goes without saying that you are a natural romantic who loves being in a relationship, you have always proven to be a tender and sentimental person in your relationships.

You usually don't like places where there are many strangers, therefore, you greatly appreciate time spent in more family-oriented environments.

You hate long trips that keep you away from your family, one of your main sources of happiness without which you would feel lost.

You love stability, for this reason, many people consider you to be “old-fashioned”.

Your main flaw might be pessimism, wherever you look you see negative things. You can't stand loneliness and feeling excluded in any kind of environment.

Fantasy is part of your character, and for this reason, you are often labeled as a “dreamer” who is always in the clouds.


If you were born under the sign of the Dragon, it means you are a brave person who likes to show everyone your abilities and especially your differences from them.

You were born under a strong sign, capable of pursuing your goals and never faltering, you love to exhibit yourself in front of others and show no shame when you have to do it. In other words, you love being the protagonist in all situations.

You hardly set limits for yourself, therefore, one of the worst characteristics of your sign can be selfishness, in fact, on many occasions it seems that you focus all your attention on yourself and do not give importance to what others say.

From an emotional standpoint, you are very loyal and passionate , also quite sociable, you are considered as a person capable of seducing anyone as long as your pride allows it.

At work, you pay a lot of attention to responsibilities, you try to carry your dreams and desires to the end, and your tenacity allows you to go very far.

However, those of you who were born under this sign are not capable of listening to others and those who do not know you may take all this kind of behavior badly.


The Snake is a very complex sign that knows how to manage all kinds of circumstances and adversities. Difficulties for those born under this sign are always easy to overcome because they are capable of finding a way to get past them.

If you were born under this sign, it's because you are a person aware of your beauty and confident in yourself. Sometimes you may seem a bit selfish because you try to please everyone, but you pay little attention to the feelings of others.

You are a rather modest person, although you may seem cold and mysterious, but in reality, once you find love, you will transform into a passionate romantic.

Your wisdom gives you away, as well as the calm you strive to show outwardly. You like to spend money wisely and travel, in romantic relationships you are very faithful but also very possessive.


If you were born under the sign of the Horse, you will surely have a very active social life, love being the center of attention, and lead your group.

In fact, it's not hard to find people like you leading groups because with the charisma that characterizes you, you manage to connect even with the shyest people.

You love to talk and consider yourself a skilled conversationalist, as well as a very generous person.

Your friends consider you a fun person. They love partying nights with you, which is why you will be surrounded by a lot of friends and acquaintances.

You have a great instinct always showing confidence in yourself, but hiding a much more fragile mysterious side.

Those of you who were born under this sign have a positive and sociable character, but one must get to know you first, otherwise, a wrong impression might be formed. Although it is also true that sometimes you can be a bit stubborn.


If you were born under this sign, you are likely an affectionate, sensitive, and shy person. At times you show generosity, but only when someone has made a good impression on you.

One of your main characteristics is your wit; you never stop thinking and creating new ideas and projects.

Indeed, you like to always have someone with you in your adventures and projects. Largely because you possess such great creativity that you feel the need to share it.

You are characterized by strong altruism, always giving everything without expecting anything in return, this is something your partner greatly appreciates about you.

In your romantic relationships, you identify as a traditionalist, you like to build solid bonds based on honesty and loyalty.

One of the mistakes those of you who share this sign most often make is losing hope and abandoning ship at the first sign of difficulty, in these kinds of situations you always need someone to support you in order to achieve your goals.


If you were born under this sign, you are a person full of energy to the point that it's almost impossible to exhaust you; you are tireless. You love to always be doing something and hate to be still because stillness bores you.

In fact, relaxation does not exist for you, at least not as it does for the rest, for you relaxing means engaging in any activity that keeps you busy either mentally or physically.

Your friends consider you a lovable person, even someone who knows how to listen, they see you as someone reliable and it will be easy for them to tell you the most intimate details of their life.

You have great seduction skills and surely your conquests are numerous.

You are the type of person who lives numerous adventures before getting married because you prefer to be sure that the chosen person will have your same lifestyle.

Sometimes you lose control, especially if you have had a little too much to drink, this is mainly due to your impulsive nature.

Besides being impulsive, you are also frenetic, curious, and very sociable. You love to have fun and you don't let the difficulties life presents you with get you down.


If you were born under this sign, you are likely a very vain and sometimes impulsive person.

You might like to be the center of attention in all kinds of situations, and it's possible that more than once you've been accused of being egocentric.

You are straightforward and try to achieve your goals in the fastest and simplest way possible.

As for work, you are skilled in business and will probably reach high positions.

For you, success is fundamental, your strength makes you a fascinating person who arouses sympathy in others. However, you prefer to have a few friends, but of total and absolute trust.

Whoever has the pleasure of enjoying your company does not get bored easily, but rather, will always have the elements to build a healthy and fun relationship.


If you were born as a Dog, it means you are a loyal and honest person whom one can always trust.

Within the Chinese zodiac, this is one of the most likable signs, most of the time associated with solitary people who do not integrate too much, however, for loved ones, they become indispensable.

Being born under the sign of the Dog, you will be a person who always likes to defend the weakest, endowed with great intelligence and a good handle on irony. Precise, yet demanding.

As for love, you are full of insecurities. Your fight against injustices is always very fervent, however, many times you will let yourself be guided by others.

Your friends recognize you as an unconditional person they can always count on, consequently, although you may not have a large number of friends, the ones you do have will be true and will wish you the best.

You are characterized as the protector and a support figure for your friends and family.


You have a gruff or grumpy demeanor, but when people get to know you better, you end up becoming friendly and trustworthy.

You are recognized for being someone who does their best not to disappoint the people you love, in addition to being very close to them, primarily your friends, but also your family.

You are characterized by having a very high concentration ability, capable of performing various actions at the same time.

The most negative characteristic that can be found in your personality is your bad temper.

You are characterized by being quite impatient, impulsive, and getting angry, sometimes, at the slightest thing. Your strength often drives you to seek the best in life, you know how to be sincere and honest, and for that, you are highly valued among your friends.

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