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Your compatibility level is: %

Your compatibility is completely null, we do not recommend at all starting a relationship if you have this percentage of compatibility, it will surely end in disaster and there will never be the slightest link.

It is very rare, you will only get this result in the extreme case that you enter the name of someone diametrically opposed to you.

Difficult combination, but in this case, it can be attempted.

Although we must warn you that, if you move between these two compatibility percentages, you will probably maintain a rather short relationship.

Hey, but if it's a short relationship, but at the same time intense, maybe it's worth living it, right?

This range is still too low, it will be difficult to maintain a long-term relationship.

If it's a person you think is very worthwhile, maybe it's worth the risk for you, if you're not very sure it's better to step aside now while you still have time.

If you are in this group, read very carefully, because you are not (or will not be) in an especially easy situation.

This is the result of compatibility of the so-called "long-term self-destructive relationships", that is, the type of relationships in which you love someone at the same time that you hate them, you continue with him or her, but you know that in the long run both of you are going to suffer.

For sure you know someone who is in this kind of relationship, they have their moments, but they can be lethal if they go on for too long.

Decide for yourself if it's worth continuing.

You are the perfect couple.

It is also true that this is the result that the real love calculator gives most often, but it is assumed that couples who have survived over the years have a high level of compatibility.

If the name you entered is not that of your partner but of the person you would like it to be, I advise you to go for it, you have everything in your favor to make that person happy.

This is an anomalous result, you have found your ideal partner and you must take advantage of it. The man or woman of your dreams is waiting to make you happy!

The compatibility is so high that you're probably the typical couple who meet when they're young and grow old together.

If, however, the person you entered in the true love calculator is not your partner yet, what are you waiting for to take the plunge?

How to Use the Love Calculator by Names

Do you like someone, but have a deep fear of being rejected? Do you have doubts about your relationship?

If you're tired of going in circles and always choosing the wrong person, use our online love calculator to clarify once and for all what degree of compatibility you have with your ideal partner.

To learn how to use it and how to properly interpret the result, keep reading. Oh, by the way, it's totally free!

Our simulator is used to calculate love and discover if you are compatible with your partner or that special someone. This calculator compares the names of the members of a couple and gives you an indicative result.

The compatibility of names in the love field is one of the many aspects that allow us to estimate and calculate the compatibility of the members of a couple, but it is not the only one, there are other different methods such as using the zodiac signs or performing a synastry.

Well yes, perfect… But, how do I use the love calculator? Don't worry, it's tremendously intuitive, put your name in one part, that of your partner (or the person with whom you want to check your compatibility) and in the other click on “Calculate compatibility”.

Our simulator will give you your compatibility percentage in a matter of seconds. Have you seen how easy and fast it is? It's like child's play!

However, pay attention to write your name without any spelling errors because it can alter the result. Ah! I must also warn you, if you enter both surnames in the love calculator, it will be able to process the result better than if you only enter one.

It is advisable to put both surnames, both yours and that of your ideal partner, but if for any reason you do not know their second surname, do not worry, this will not significantly alter the results.

Don't worry about the privacy of your data, we do not store names or results: no one will ever know that you have used it.

Does it calculate real love?

There may be people who doubt the truthfulness of this type of gadgets.

We understand the doubts that may arise. How is it possible that software can determine the level of compatibility I have with a person? Isn't all this a bit random? What guarantees does the result offer?

This is the skeptic's decalogue, don't worry, everyone has asked themselves these kinds of questions at some point.

Perhaps the occult sciences like numerology do not enjoy great scientific rigor, but the percentage of success makes us not dismiss them altogether.

Think it over and if you still are reluctant to these kinds of approaches try using the true love calculator, contrast the results and share them with us and the whole community. I assure you they can be surprising.

And even if you have no faith in the results it will throw at you, allow yourself the permission and give free rein to your curiosity. Surely you won't want to leave without trying it at least for a while.

In any case, always take the results as a guidance tool, and repeat the test several times, unfortunately, we cannot offer you a 100% reliable test, and in any case, it operates with variables too generic to offer a personalized result with guarantees.

Important Considerations

Now you know how to use the online compatibility calculator completely free, what its limits are, how truthful the result is, and, in addition, we have shown you how to analyze the results you just obtained to act accordingly.

You now have all the ingredients to know whether the relationship you have at present projects as lasting or if it's worth taking the plunge with a certain person.

Now you just have to put it into practice!

As you have read above, this is not exact knowledge and you should take it with caution, as its effectiveness cannot be scientifically proven.

If you find any deficiencies of any kind in our love test do not hesitate to contact us so we can improve it, you can do it on the contact page.

Finally, do not forget to share this article on your social networks, it will surely be very useful to some of your contacts.