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What are biorhythms

Biorhythms are periodic and constant cycles of physical and biochemical type that attempt to predict the mood (and more aspects) of people throughout their lives.

During the 20th century, the German doctor Wilhem Fliess observed some identical characteristics in reports from different and unrelated patients.

He detected during the study more negative phases and more positive phases in the lives of his patients, evaluating three types of aspects: emotional, mental, and physical.

Based on these, he tried to determine the degree of propensity for success, accidents, diseases (and more) based on the temporary state of individuals within each phase.

These phases form 3 cycles, described in the graph with lines:

These start from the point 0 on the Y-axis, that is, from the birth of the individual and repeat throughout their life.

How biorhythms are calculated

The calculation of the biorhythm starts from the belief that each person's performance is subject to three particular cycles.

Physical cycle

It is the one with the shortest duration, 23 days, it influences strength, endurance capacity, confidence, energy, aggressiveness, and courage.

Emotional cycle

It lasts 28 days and determines moods, joy, creativity, optimism, well-being, and emotional sensitivity.

Intellectual cycle

This is the longest of the three, lasting up to 33 days, and it influences perceptual capacity, reasoning, critical judgment, and the attitude to make difficult decisions.

How to interpret the results

To correctly interpret the result of the graph you have obtained after using the biorhythm calculator, you will have to look at the lines that compose it and their situation with respect to the central horizontal line (X-axis).

You must interpret the meaning depending on the position of each line with respect to the X-axis.

Below the middle line

If the curve of any cycle is at levels below the average, it may be synonymous with a rather negative phase for the biorhythm in question.

If this line is the physical one, you will feel weak and listless.

If it is the emotions one that is below the middle line, you may feel sadder and more upset.

If it were the intellectual line that presents negative values, your thoughts and ideas will be much more confused than usual, also, it will be quite difficult for you to concentrate.

Crossing the middle

If any curve crosses the middle, it means that your corresponding biorhythm is experiencing a low point, and if both lines were to cross the middle exactly at one point, it could mean that it is a really complicated moment.

If you find these values in the physical line, it translates to you feeling exhausted and we recommend not making great efforts.

On the other hand, if this occurs in the emotions line, it is synonymous with irritability and sadness. I would advise you not to engage in any kind of argument, it may not be the best time.

Finally, if the graph indicates a crossing of points in the intellectual line, it means you are in a moment of laziness in which concentration is practically impossible. Leave your projects and ideas for another time, surely you will have a higher rate of productivity, effectiveness, and success.

When they are above average

If the curve of a cycle is at levels above the average, it may mean that this biorhythm, whether mental, emotional, or physical, is in a positive phase.

If this occurs in the physical curve, you will feel in better shape than usual and, for example, if you propose to do any sport your body will respond better than at other times.

If, on the other hand, it happens with the emotions curve, it is expected that we will be happier and have a good relationship with acquaintances and friends.

Finally, if the curve that presents these parameters is the intellectual one, the different thought processes will be much more accurate, also our ability to stay focused will be benefited.

Before finishing, we would like to mention that it is considered a pseudoscience, since, although statistical data are used, many professionals consider that its conclusions can be attributed to chance.

That is why you should take this text as a leisure and fun text, but do not delegate your decisions to it.